Leverage Your Resources—Both People and Technology

Make your life easier by delegating when possible. Do you need to write the proposal and follow-up materials or can a junior staffer or virtual assistant sit in on the sales meeting and write the first draft? Do you need to write follow-up emails after you speak at an event or can you hand this off to a marketing person?

When you leverage your resources well, you can get more done for your clients and prospects and create more time to focus on business development and relationship building. And resources do not just include people; technology has come a long way to help you become more efficient.

Automate some of your lead nurturing by sending email or direct mail that provides valuabe insights to prospects. Connect with prospects and clients on LinkedIn and Twitter. Publish a blog and post regularly. These technologies can help you build and strengthen your relationships. They also help you stay top of mind with clients and prospects, so when the need does arise, you are the first one they think of.