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About us

Audit consultants J Hägglund is characterized by competence, quality and development. We can offer services in business development, company formation, financial management, corporate valuation, corporate transfers, environmental accounting, environmental auditing, accounting, auditing and tax advice etc.

You get ideas and knowledge from us. We strive for all our customers to see us as a partner. We are well-known for giving our customers access to methods and tools that streamline their operations. Sharing our knowledge with our clients is an important part of our business. We therefore have an external training program with fixed courses, and we also have the opportunity to tailor lectures and training according to the customer’s wishes. We also have a comprehensive training program
internally, to ensure a constant high level of competence among our employees.

Auditing consultants J Hägglund has been owned by Jörgen Hägglund since 1986. Operations are conducted from offices in Halmstad and Malmö. Our employees have a qualified financial education and many years of practical experience. We master the applicable legal rules in accounting and
taxation. Continuous development means that we are strong in the future for the future.