Exclusive Qualities of a Manager
An ideal manager should possess his own exclusive qualities and characteristics, which includes an ambition for achieving the required targets, while being caring towards the subordinates. Most companies keep an eye on such people at the supervisory level, so that they can be guided and promoted as managers.

●      A manager should be dedicated towards the process and be driven by motivation. However, he should also abide by the ethical way of conducting business.

●      He needs to be supportive towards the staff and understanding in nature as these will be his weapons.

●      He should be able to help his employees and clients alike, motivate the sales team and collaborate with all the other members of the organization.

●      In addition to all this, he has to be empathetic towards everybody in his team.

Finally, managers need to be morally sound, passionate towards their work, but they should exercise patience when solving problems. A “can do” manager is result-oriented rather than being process-oriented.