Role and Core Responsibilities of a Manager

The role of manager remains an important and evolving position in today’s organizations. This article offers a working definition of the term, manager, along with a description of core responsibilities of the various levels and types of managerial roles. 

Definition of Management and Manager:

The work of management is most often categorized as: 

Planning: determining how to allocate a firm’s financial and human resources to grow revenues and profits. This area is most often associated with strategy and budgeting.

Leading: providing guidance for direction and serving as a source of inspiration and motivation for the members of a team or organization. 

Organizing: determining how groups should be structured and jobs designed to ensure the optimal functioning of a team, function or business.  

Controlling: determining how to measure and monitor all aspects of a function or business to ensure efficient and profitable operation. 
The manager is the individual responsible for some or all of the tasks in those categories, depending upon his/her level of responsibility in the organization. Managers are accountable for guiding and supporting a team responsible for some aspect of an organization’s operations.