Although you may not want to do this, it will make management much easier if you place some social distance between you and your employees. Although you can spend time together outside of work, avoid venting about the company and do not go overboard during happy hour. If you are going to be financially compensated as a manager, you must act like one. That does not mean you cannot have fun, but it’s important to be a responsible leader in your company.

Leadership is not easy and it takes years to find a balance. Becoming a better business leader has always been “a work in progress” goal that requires tenacity, a huge dose of humility, and the willingness to embrace new ideas. The aforementioned tips will help you align a workforce behind the company goals.

We take the facts and fit them into the frames we already have. If the facts don’t fit, we’re likely to challenge whether and persist somehow they’re really facts or to dismiss the information and persist somehow in believing what we want to believe. Concepts are not things that be changed just by someone telling us a fact. We must be presented with facts, but for us to make sense of them, they have to fit what is already in the synapses of the brain. Otherwise, facts go in and then they go right back out. They are not heard, or they are not accepted as facts, or they mystify us: Why would anyone have said that Then we label the fact as irrational, crazy, or stupid. Bill, my neighbor, PT. – On his training advocating a non-fat diet.