Threat Management for Companies

Comiption, cartels, fraud, embezzlement and irregularities are affecting more and more people.
We help you prevent and investigate incidents with everything from whistleblower systems to effective protection against cybercrime,
incidental crime and other irregularities.

Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020

Ekonomiska Bedrägerier är större än någonsin

Nordic Cyber Crime Survey

Sverige drabbas oftare av cyberattacker än de nordiska grannländerna

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Are you scared or prepared? 

Corruption, cybercrime and irregularities are unfortunately common in our society. We help companies, organizations, and
authorities to prevent, detect and investigate all types of criminal incidents that may affect our customers. Our services include whistleblower functions, anti-corruption strategies, corporate intelligence, IT forensics and many other services !hat aim to strengthen your lines of defense. Do not be afraid. Be prepared.