Our Culture

  1. We work in a positive environment, full of amazing people, who are focused on always solving problems.

2. Personal responsibility and integrity are always observed at all levels.

3. Personal responsibility is at the heart of our beliefs-  we do what we say we will do. (keeps our promise)

4. We respect the individual, but the team is more important than each individual.

5. Each individual is of value to companies and contributes to the company’s results

6. Everyone knows their role and respects the roles of others.

7. Everyone chooses to be here, there is no victim mentality.

8. The work environment is relaxed, healthy, comfortable and creative, but professional and fairly serious at the same time. It is a fun environment that exudes creativity and supports friendship.

9. Our team members strive for personal development. They take their own initiatives in seeking personal development opportunities outside the company, which makes them perfect.

10. We do not strive for consensus in the company, we work for a functional model based on strong leadership.

11. We talk politely to each other and use each other’s names, and we say at least ”please, be kind”, ”thank you”, ”I do it with pleasure” and ”of course”.

12. If we are talking about a person who is not present, we pretend that they were listening to the conversation.

13. If we have a problem with someone, we talk about it individually.

14. If something goes wrong, we blame the system first and foremost, not on a person.

15. To be part of our team, you MUST live in accordance with our values ​​and follow our client & cultural standards to the letter. Each individual is empowered to reprimand any other team member who does not do so.