5. Results Oriented Work Hard To See The World For Themselves And Recognize The Existence Of Duality 

They program themselves, and try hard to not be programmed by external things they can’t control.
They want to want what they want to want and know their identity is whatever they want it to be.
Not what their parents conditioned them to want as a kid growing up or what society thinks they should be or want.
They know the “truth” is only as “truthful” as the receiver perceives it to be, which is based on the defined identity of the perceiver which can change.
Thereofore there’s no real such thing as truth because truths are subjective.
Whatever you think you want, want.
Whoever you think you should be, be it.
Your identity is malleable and can be changed just be believing it can be changed. Therefore statements like “be yourself” or “stick to your roots” aren’t valid.
Because they can be whatever you want them to be at any given time.
And, the answer is never in one thing. You can’t want sunny days all the time because without darkness, there couldn’t be light.
Without pain, there couldn’t be joy.
The vacation wouldn’t be fun without living where you do and the country home wouldn’t be enjoyable without the suburban or urban day to day.
You do yourself or the person no favors by judging anything or anyone. It’s just a bad habit.