8. Results Oriented Manage Their Inputs Like Their Lives Depend On It 

The results oriented watch their senses, emotions and feelings and work to become masters of them. They know emotional intelligence is critical to achieving results.
They know every stimulus affects their energy and are aware of how their environment shapes them.
They own their frame to shape their environment and don’t let the environment shape their reality.
They’re present, and practice habits to uphold recurring levels of deep presence.
They sleep on time, wake up on time, and give themselves plenty of space to shape their day.
They most likely don’t watch any news, but even when they do, they observe it with a deep self-awareness that doesn’t have their identities touched.
They protect their attention and know the key to winning at anything is about removing distractions and filtering to keep the main thing, the main thing. They know the biggest threat to a goal being achieved is being steered off course to a shiny new object or project, when in fact, all it takes is doing the same thing every day and measuring the most important thing and you basically are guaranteed to succeed after a few years.