2. Results Oriented Commit Themselves To Live Their Ideals Every Single Day Religiously 

The average stand for ideals but don’t commit to practicing them every day. I have so many brilliant friends who don’t break through because good enough is fine.
One of my clients is a brilliant investment banker who’s worked to the ground, he swears he wants to not be unhealthy or stressed from his brutal banking job and swears he doesn’t have time for anything.
I told him to take 10–15 minutes to read his favorite book each morning to start his day better and to try waking up 30 minutes earlier to do so and not run out of his house rushed.
That one addition to his morning would have transformed his life but he refused to do it. He wouldn’t discipline himself to even try.
I’ll be firing him soon unless he begins trying instead of the status quo which is a reactive and stressful existence simply due to not making an ounce of effort.
If he wanted results, he’d turn his life upside down to get it done and he’d do it every single day. When he’d begin doing it, and started to see results, he’d begin enjoying it. Then he’d get deeper with it, and do it even more and fall in love with it until it became a part of who he is and automatic