12. Results Oriented Aren’t Scared Of Death, They Embrace It For Progress and Liberation 

The results oriented know death is coming and harness it’s inevitability to live in peace and happiness now.
This helps them value the results they want so they know how much effort a result is worth expending for.
This gives them perspective and allows for realistic goal settings and adequate fulfillment and valuation of those goals being achieved.
As a result, they know to be joyful every day because not being joyful is just a waste of time. Death is coming.
They know to pick a field they love and to try to become the best in that field because why not? Death is coming.
They know to enjoy and embrace each moment they can no matter what they’re doing and who they’re with. Because why not? Death is coming.
They know this and ask themselves the hard questions like “when I become 80, will I wish I did this?” Then the decision becomes easy.
Therefore, the results oriented maximize their potential in the process of their journey and are happy with who they are.