14. The Results Oriented Realize They Too Need To Be Futurists To Survive The Rate Of Innovation 

The results oriented know that 1 billion of us will be deemed “useless” soon, and it doesn’t scare them because they aren’t scared of evolution. Therefore they know to look forward to where the world is going and not only stay abreast to the trends and technologies that are affecting our lives, but embrace them.
For example, it’s clear that college degrees are losing their value as the industrial age has become the internet age. Yet so many people still cling to degrees and “being picked” for a job when the reason anyone get’s picked for a job in the first place is because of skills, competence and market needs. Understanding and applying that knowledge is very simple and some quick application will yield the experience that brings the confidence that can lead to mastery of a field. This makes the process of shipping off to a place with thousands of other 18 year olds for 4 years, to be given a piece of paper that says you’re competent in something with zero or maybe a little experience so you can read 8 books and write maybe 8 papers and some passing grades seem pretty ridiculous, no? To boot, you’re paying tens and hundreds of thousands and creating debt for yourself in the process.
Meanwhile, one of the many ways I learned from the ultimate teacher that matters (the market) is when I started writing.
I learned you need to write every day to become a master, not when the paper is due. I learned you need to read a lot every day, not when the test is coming up. A book a week, not a book every six months (a semester)