Tip 1 – Know your audience. 

Even if the client has told you not to prepare anything, they will always expect you to demonstrate that you know a bit about them, their brand, the way they work– and importantly, that you’re interested in working with them 

Before deciding on what you will need to cover, and the best method of delivering this, here are some key considerations: 

  • Who is attending the new business meeting? 
  • What are their specific job roles, and reasons for attending the meeting? Sometimes you cannot get this information in advance. In the event that this is the case, it is advisable to ask them to introduce themselves and what they are looking to achieve from the meeting at the outset. 
  • How many people will you be meeting? 
    This will affect whether or not you choose to use a presentation or use a more informal medium like questions and answers. The more people present, the greater the requirement to use a presentation.