Other Titles with the Word ”Manager”

Part 1

Two common and important positions in a firm include product managers and project managers.
A Product Manager is responsible for the success and ongoing management of a product or service category. They typically work across functions to identify and gain investment approval for new offerings and then they work to help bring these offerings to market. Once in the market, product managers are accountable for pricing and promotions strategies and for ensuring their offerings remain competitive over time.

Part 2

Project Managers are responsible for leading teams of individuals for temporary and unique initiatives (projects). Projects range from new product development to a new software implementation to building or expanding new facilities. Anything that is not part of the daily operations aspect of a firm is considered to fall into the world of projects.
The Bottom Line:
While the role and responsibilities of a manager are changing with the times, the position remains an important part of today’s organizations. A person interested in developing as a manager is encouraged to excel in his or her daily functional work and showcase the ability to guide, lead and problem solve with others. While management is not for everyone, it remains a viable, rewarding and potentially lucrative career for many.