Accounting and reporting

As Sweden’s leading accounting specialists, we assist you in capital market transactions and monitor developments in accounting and financial reporting. We help you in increasingly complex regulatory worlds, such as IFRS, Q3 and Q2. We work with accounting and financial reporting in connection with company acquisitions, consolidation, carve-outs, restructuring, capital adequacy and CFO support.

It is becoming increasingly important to stay up to date on regulations regarding financial reporting and capital market issues. Areas are added, changed and updated and lead to an increasingly complex world of rules. Companies need the right controls, processes, tools and strategies to implement new accounting standards, manage accounting changes and comply with the rules of the capital market.

Services and key competencies

IPO Readiness and Corporate Governance

Advice and support in the process prior to an IPO in order to be able to meet the requirements set by the market and applicable regulations at the time of listing, based on adequate Corporate Governance. Current situation analysis, ie Pre IPO / IPO audit, as well as support in the development of frameworks for Corporate Governance / corporate governance including areas such as organization and competence, strategic planning, governing documents and underlying processes and routines, external information provision and risk management.

Accounting changes

Implementation and quality control of new accounting standards, (for example IFRS 9, 15, 16 and 17). IFRS conversions, for example, from Swedish accounting rules to IFRS and feasibility studies of the effects of the transition to new ones.


Advice in connection with the preparation of prospectuses, including with regard to pro forma accounting, forecasts and new or revised financial reports that are to be included in prospectuses, as well as general advice on prospectuses in their entirety. Support in the dialogue with Finansinspektionen and other stakeholders regarding the design / content of prospectuses.

Accounting advice

Advice in connection with acquisitions, carve-outs, restructuring, capital raising and other transactions. Accounting in treasury operations. Pro forma accounting. Support in complex accounting issues within IFRS, Q2 and Q3. Support for ensuring compliance with accounting regulations and improvement of accounting routines and processes.

CFO Support

Advice regarding streamlining of financial routines and processes within the financial organization. Support in matters concerning planning, control and follow-up (for example business plan, budget, forecast and internal and external reporting). Further support in the development of governing documentation such as the Financial Handbook and Accounting and reporting instructions.

External reporting and digital reporting XBRL

Production, support and control of external reports including financial reports (interim reports and annual reports), corporate governance reports, sustainability reports and digital reporting (ESEF: iXBRL / XHTML).