1. Results Oriented People Will Be Whoever They Need To Be To Get The Job Done.

I had a big pitch meeting coming up and caught my programming working against me. I realized I wanted to be liked in these pitches and not dubbed by the prospect as the “pushy sales guy”. Then I thought, who is the salesperson who does everything they can to win deals? What programming do they have?
I dug in and re-programmed myself to act in this state:
“You’ve done this 10,000 times.”
“I don’t care about your feelings, and whether you like me or not at the end of this call — that doesn’t serve either of us well.”
“I’m here to sell you my services because I’m the best at what I do and my services are the best at getting you results. You lose if you don’t achieve your results so I’m doing you a favor by not letting you off the phone until we get deep into why you’d let this opportunity pass you by.” 

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The results oriented rise to the occasion, and put themselves in the most difficult of situations because they know it’s the only way to get results.
Then they adapt and upgrade using their state of mind by acting how they need to act to get the results they need to get whether they “are that or not”.
I’m now the pushy sales guy, not the cool nice guy who doesn’t want to sell you.
Why? Because I know what prospects need to be sold.
More than friendliness, they want confidence. Confidence to constructively use tension without being pushy.
More than likability, they want people to show them the way. Give them the answer and get them results.
Is it ideal to choose to be one or the other? No — I too would rather be the “chill nice guy” who’s liked. It’s easier to be that way.
But I’m results oriented and want to make sales so I do it.
Ironically, the prospect wins anyway because that’s usually what people want (to be sold things that add to themselves and make them better) and often need to be pushed to stop from blocking themselves.
I ask myself “what would the best salesperson ever do before a call” and then I get in that state and prepare.