Threat Management for Companies

Comiption, cartels, fraud, embezzlement and irregularities are affecting more and more people.
We help you prevent and investigate incidents with everything from whistleblower systems to effective protection against cybercrime,
incidental crime and other irregularities.

Are you scared or prepared?

Corruption, cybercrime and irregularities are the worst common phenomena in our society. We help companies, organizations, and authorities to prevent, detect, and investigate all types of criminal incidents. which can affect our customers. Our services include whistleblower functions, anti-corruption strategies, corporate intelligence, IT forensics and many other services that aim to strengthen your lines of defense. Do not be afraid. Be prepared.

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Forensic services

Corruption and cartels

Every day we can read about corruption, irregularities and criminal proceedings in business, authorities and organizations. Common to these events is that they can do great harm to individuals, the business, the brand and society. We help you prevent corruption and cartels.

Measures against money laundering

How should society and financial institutions counteract money laundering? New legislation alone will not suffice. The recent large-scale money laundering scandals are a clear sign that banks need to work much more efficiently to prevent money laundering. We know how.

Financial irregularities

Companies that are associated with irregularities, insider trading and ethical mistakes quickly end up in the spotlight and in the courtroom. The effects can have devastating consequences in the form of financial damage, scarred brand and crises of confidence. With the right strategies, you minimize the risk of being hit.

IT forensics

Electronically stored information often grows faster than an organization can handle. Unsurprisingly, it is relatively common for companies to lose control or simply opt out of basic security for critical data. Our IT forensics help you manage and analyze large amounts of data. This is often of critical importance in internal investigations or in civil cases and more.

Corporate Intelligence

Companies are constantly looking for new business opportunities. This is done through company acquisitions or new business partners. But with new markets and new opportunities also come bigger threats that can be devastating for a business. Knowing who you are doing business with and ensuring that you cooperate with the right actors is an absolute necessity in an uncertain geopolitical world where new risks arise daily.


A whistleblower system is an effective safety net for companies and organizations. In a safe way, you can handle tips from employees, tips that otherwise risk not being caught in the normal routines.


We help you protect your strategic and financial interests in connection with expected or actual disputes, regardless of whether claims are to be met or directed.


Cyber ​​Security is about creating the right conditions for your business and business in a world where digitalisation is taking place at an ever faster pace. Cyber ​​threats are getting more and more attention and not enough is being done to increase security. This is the opinion of managers in 100 of Sweden’s largest companies in a survey. As many as 83 percent of the participating companies do not think that Sweden is well enough equipped to cope with the cyber threats.