Risk Management

Inventory, analyze and prevent different types of risks and protect critical assets. The vast majority of businesses are associated with risks. Our specialists help you identify and manage them in a structured way.

How can we help you?

  • Cyber ​​Security
  • Business system
  • Data analysis
  • Corporate governance
  • IT management
  • Internal control
  • Internal audit
  • Project review
  • Risk management
  • Financial sector
  • Third party certification
  • Treasure function that creates value!
  • Risk analysis

Cyber ​​Security

How secure is your business?

Cyber ​​Security is about creating the right conditions for your business and business in a world where digitalisation is taking place at an ever faster pace. Let us reduce cyber risks and build a secure digital society together.

Large increase in cybercrime against Swedish companies

More and more Swedish companies are reporting that they are suffering from cyber attacks. Nearly two-thirds say they have been exposed to at least one attack in the past year, which is about 30 percent more than a year ago. In addition, the companies expect that cybercrime will spread further in 2020.

Business system

An investment in business systems is a profitable investment

The rate of change in technology creates fantastic business opportunities but also new threats. The ability to establish efficient and business-oriented IT according to modern needs and in line with the requirements of legislation will be crucial. Implementation of a new system is a complex project that takes a lot of time from key resources in the business and involves both technical and financial risks. Many companies have challenges in realizing the business benefits of IT projects and system implementations are no exception. The first step in a successful systems strategy is to see IT, applications, systems and technology as tools. The real change lies in strategy, transformations and governance.

Improve your systems to achieve better governance and control

Business system consulting services help you ensure an understanding of risk and internal control in the operational activities. With the right business system, you can run, manage and support your future business. We are independent advisors with cross-industry experience in assisting in risk management, compliance and increasing the value of systems, processes and data to improve business results. Whether you want to create reliable business reporting, maintain the integrity and control of data and applications, or manage system access and protect sensitive information, we help you build trust in your business systems.

Data analysis

Correct handling of data provides the right basis for decisions

Data and information issues are playing an increasing role in every part of your business. Our specialist group is used to analyzing large amounts of data and can in a comprehensive and cost-effective way produce easy-to-understand results that you can use as a basis for decisions.
We help identify discrepancies, leaks or frauds and optimize processes. With us, you can gain confidence in data and information and manage potential opportunities through data insights.

Corporate governance

Good corporate governance is good business acumen

Good corporate governance is about ensuring that operations are managed sustainably, responsibly and as efficiently as possible in order to realize strategies and create value for their stakeholders. With the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code) as a basis, trust in the listed companies is strengthened, which leads to a positive development of value-creating corporate governance in Sweden. It is interesting that the development in the business community in Sweden clearly shows that the Code has become a yardstick even for activities that are not directly covered by the Code.

Swedish corporate governance

Many companies that have demonstrated long-term success have, with the Code as a basis, developed a good corporate governance model that is constantly adapted to needs and business development. However, we see recurring examples in the media where various parts of corporate governance in operations have not worked, including insufficient risk management. Each company has its own unique way of managing its risks in today’s rapidly changing world.

IT Management

What is IT governance?

IT management is about managing and leading the IT business so that it adds as much value as possible to the business. This means, among other things, creating an organizational and delivery model that supports the business’s overall goals, defining processes for handling IT issues in the short and long term and continuously monitoring that the IT business delivers on time with the right quality and at the right cost.

Internal control

Internal control increases the quality of your reporting

By actively working with internal control, we help you increase the quality of your financial reporting and reduce the risk of errors and irregularities. Together, we can create a framework to increase your ability to control, reduce your financial risks and create order and order in your processes. Risk is a core area for us and our leading experts help you with business processes, data analysis and process reviews. We work with a proven methodology with the latest technology in the field.

Internal audit

What is internal audit?

Internal audit provides security for the board and management and provides better control over the business. An internal audit sheds light on a number of areas within the business and gives the board and management a balanced picture of how well processes and routines work. Investing in internal auditing gives your board and management a clear picture of how well your routines and processes work. With our specialist competence in internal auditing, you get better control over the business – and can feel safe. As an internal audit evaluates the current situation and proposes measures to increase efficiency in management processes, risk management, internal management and control, it contributes to the organization achieving the goals more efficiently and that the result thus increases. An internal audit simply gives you security and better control over the business.

The benefit of internal audit lies in who performs it

Our experts suggest measures to increase the efficiency of your internal audit, which helps you achieve your goals faster and get better results. We also assist as a resource and interpret or implement new regulations. With us, you get access to specialist expertise in internal auditing. We combine experience from our global network with knowledge of your local market – we are always close to you. If you want to know more about how we can help you, contact us!

Project review

Create successful projects

Running projects successfully is complex. The pitfalls are many and it is easy to encounter challenges. Successful projects also have great potential for improvement where you can save both time and resources. We ensure that your projects are delivered on time, at the right cost and with the right quality.

Common challenges with projects

Both public and private organizations drive business change through projects. Several projects are often carried out in parallel to increase efficiency, increase value in delivery or reduce costs within the organization. Running projects requires clear and well-functioning project management to ensure that the greatest possible benefit is created. Leading a project is in theory quite simple. It is basically about thinking first and planning what is to be done, and then doing what has been planned and measuring and following up in the meantime. It sounds simple – but in many cases is much more difficult in practice. You who work with project management and project management already know several of the challenges you may face. The project may exceed the budget and schedule, it may not reach the desired result or there is a perceived distance between the project and the activities that the project aims to support. Important project management to ensure that the greatest possible benefit is created.

Risk management for the financial sector

Proper risk management provides better business focus

We know that breadth and resources are required to manage risks in the financial sector. With our long experience of risk management and our large network, we help you with compliance, technical expertise and knowledge of how to best manage risks, from an operational and strategic perspective. Among other things, we provide advice within the implementation of systems and regulations as well as help with IT security effectively linked to your business. With us, you get cutting-edge expertise and you can be sure that you have a well-balanced risk strategy.

Third party certification

Third-party certification strengthens your position in the market

Independent review increases confidence in your services in the market and strengthens your quality work internally. We have solid experience of third-party certification and we work to ensure that you save time, resources and be able to communicate credibly with the market. We guide you through the process of qualified advice and deliver a report where we certify what you want to communicate. We work on the basis of an approved international standard for how third-party audits are to be carried out, ISAE 3402.

Treasury – get yourself a solid treasury function that creates value!

With a well-functioning treasury function, you lay the foundation for efficiency and quality within your business. From us, you get advice in cash management, capital raising, valuation, new regulations such as IFRS, liquidity management, relevant treasury policies, financial risk, treasury systems, treasury procurements and much more.

Project management within Treasury Management Systems

We help organizations with improvement work of the overall system environment in treasury-related areas. We also offer project management within Treasury Management Systems implementations, from RFP to choice of supplier, testing and evaluation.

Risk analysis

The service that highlights the risks and opportunities!

All companies have business risks that must be managed. But it is not entirely easy to know what risks you are facing. Some risks are even unavoidable and form a natural part of your business.

Risk analysis gives you as an owner or board member control and consensus on what risks you have, what you can do to counteract or benefit from these, as well as follow-up that the measures are actually taken. All this is done through a smart and structuring digital tool.

Direct insights in real time

Risk analysis identifies the most important risks in your business. The business platform has been developed together with the Swedish tech company Hypergene and is completely digitally adapted to collect, compile, identify and manage the most significant risks in, for example, digitalisation, suppliers, customers, sustainability, new regulations and personnel.