Swedish and International Business Law

We offer qualified legal business advice with access to specialist expertise. The focus is on being a fast-paced and flexible legal partner with the ability to understand and solve our clients business challanges.

Company Law & Restructuring




Business legal advice with a holistic view

In the changing environment where many companies and organizations operate, a flexible business law partner is required with a holistic view of the customer’s operations.

Business legal advice contributes the most value when it is adapted to the company’s strategy and business operations, if it is combined with knowledge of the industry in question and if the business consequences are taken into account from several different perspectives, such as legal, financial and tax perspectives.

Being able to take a holistic approach to the business and collaborate between several different disciplines is one of our strengths. Another is our large international network. The advantage for you as a customer is clear, you do not need to hire different types of advisors in several countries.

Combination of lawyers, consultants and in-house lawyers

We combine the qualities of traditional lawyers, consultants and in-house lawyers. Just like traditional lawyers, we provide high-quality legal advice. Like consultants, we have expertise, processes and technical support to handle complex projects.

In the same way as in-house lawyers, we work together with other areas of expertise such as finance, tax, strategy, compliance, auditing, risk management, marketing and HR. Our business lawyers are deeply specialized in their field and are at the same time inspired by working as part of a broader context together with many other specialists.