10. Results Oriented Know That Self Improvement And Living Their Ideals Makes Life Worth Living 

I went to a casual Saturday coffee with a good friend who wanted to introduce me to another. We were talking about podcasts we like and the friend of my friend said “oh I don’t care for self improvement” in a way that implied they were evolved past it or even worse, to “cool” for it. I instantly knew this person needed it more than anyone and that they weren’t growth minded much less results oriented. I came to find out later they weren’t very “ambitous” (their words not mine) and weren’t “happy with their job”. Not surprised given they aren’t striving to be their best each day with higher levels of excellence whether it was at work or life.
This person also complained that there werne’t enough single men in NYC, a city with the most # of single men. Something that would come generally from someone with a victim mindset that lacks. Not surprised that person was also “single” even though they very much wanted not to be. Sad that they could instantly not be single if only they lived to uphold excellence for it’s own sake.
When you exist to be excellent, there’s nothing that doesn’t get done. Trying doesn’t even need to be tried. Things just happen.
The reason this is so is because when growth is your “why”, you’re naturally what get’s perceived to be “relentless” by regular folks. Even though for you it’s just a day of living, it’s a way of doing things that attracts exactly what you want.
Back to my friends friend: if they strived every day to be their best for it’s own sake,or became less “cool” and more of a self improvement “nert” (like me or you who reads these articles) they’d figure out how their perceiption and limiting belief systems are literally creating the conscious reality they don’t want.