4. Results Oriented Don’t Feel Vulnerable Because Their Necessity and Environment Give Them The Courage To Share All 

To the results oriented, recognizing vulnerability is what creates it in the first place.
They focus on the necessity and goal, which forces the courage to create the right context to be vulnerable.
Therefore the results oriented share openly because they know the only way to overcome fear is by facing it and channeling it effectively.
Therefore to the results oriented, sharing openly is a normal part of daily life and understanding emotions and feelings is what gives them the courage to become vulnerable (according to this Ted Talk by Dr. Brene Brown)
These are the writers who share their challenges to tell a story or teach a lesson every single day, or teachers who share their personal struggles with students to teach them lessons.
It’s not that they share vulnerability, it’s that they do it with humility.
If you find enough meaning to be courageous, you will be. Get over the hump of worrying about what others think and overcome the fear of being vulnerable. It’s a must and needs to overcome so you can express yourself and share your truth.
How do I know this? Because I overcame my own biggest fear out of necessity and openly shared it (and do so every day in my writing) in my most viral piece here.