6. Results Oriented Catch Bad Programming and Manage Their Reaction Patterns 

They choose to perceive everything that happens in a way that optimistically serves them and moves them toward their results.
They are aware of their limiting beliefs and know how to properly evaluate themselves.
For example, if they catch themselves in a common belief we all overlook every day like “I’m not good at tech” or “I’m not a numbers guy” — they catch it and know that it’s because they haven’t spent proper focus and energy on those things and could.
In a nutshell, they catch bad programming.
This is not to say they delude themselves when “bad” things happen, to the contrary.
The results oriented know that they’re already successful, because they’re human who can imagine a goal and achieve it.
This leads them an optimistic worldview they have agency over, however they go head first into feedback to learn from it so they can be guided back in the right direction.