18 tips on how to find your motivational desire

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 1 av 18

Ask yourself; “What am I trying to do with imagining myself believing that I have such a poor self-confidence”?

I know, it is a difficult question to answer, but make an effort even if you feel uncomfortable with rooting in your interior. Think about and write down what you come up with. Take your time, because this is important – and was brutally honest. The answers may surprise you, but you have to be much more honest with yourself than you have ever been before. Remember that you can fool others, but never yourself!

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 2 av 18

Think about what the chapter on how to set goals aroused thoughts and think of something that you can do as a first step towards reaching a goal or a sub-goal. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you think that step works, the important thing is to put the ball rolling. It can be something as simple as sending an email or making a call. The most important thing is that you do something, that you get started – and that you do it now! There are no more excuses left on the warehouse.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 3 av 18

You have just the same will, glow and passion as any acclaimed artist, artist, writer, inventor or athlete at any time. The only difference is that you (yet) have not been able to bring the glow to life enough to motivate yourself for everything you can and want to accomplish because you still allow negative emotions to block your very best qualities.

The secret lies in finding a way to express what you want in a way that suits you. You will find it as soon as you dare to be completely honest with yourself and trust your feeling of stomach. When you dare to do what you want instead of everything that others think you should do or that you yourself think you should do, then the motivation to blow up to full storm will also.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 4 av 18

All people have a goal in life, either a large or several small ones. This also applies to those who believe that they have no goals. The reason why so many never reach or succeed in realizing what they dream of is that their goals or dreams are not sufficiently specific. The first thing you have to do is find out exactly what you want – is your goal something you want or something you don’t want?


To answer that question, you must be brutally honest with yourself. You need to know if you are actively striving to fulfill something that you crave or if you just flee from something you want to avoid. Knowing what you deeply want to accomplish is the very first step you need to take to get anywhere, never forget it!

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 5 av 18

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we do or how much we want to accomplish, it just simply stops. The trick is then not to give up, but to pull down on the requirements a little. Do something, anything, just do something. Do what requires the least possible resistance on days when life is a single long uphill and save the more demanding things until you feel better.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 6 av 18

Dare to break your usual routines and make it brutal. Sometimes it is enough that you step off the carousel for a single day, sometimes it takes longer. The important thing is that you give yourself the chance to stop and reflect on what you are doing. Travel away, do something that you never usually do or do nothing. Let your inspiration be with new people, new environments and new experiences. 

The point is to break your old dreary pattern and step up some new paths. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your purpose and goals. Lack of motivation may be because you have lost focus on what you want to do or because your purpose is no longer specific enough.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 7 av 18

Have you stuck, so dare ask for help. It’s not dangerous. Flush the prestige and open yourself to other people’s advice, thoughts and impulses.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 8 av 18

Accept that you have a shit day. Complain, whine and sigh as much as you want. It’s okay to have a bad day and be in a bad mood. Spend a whole day just lamenting about the world’s injustices and all the stupid people who don’t listen or understand. The universe will not go down just because you set yourself outside one day. Curse life and do it properly. Blow clean the system and then it is good. Tomorrow is a new – and better – day. Always!

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 9 av 18

Do not abuse a term like “bad luck” to excuse your setbacks and to avoid trying again. You are not more persecuted than anyone else even if you stacked failures for a while. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. It is only the way of life to learn to try again and perhaps in a different way.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 10 av 18

Stop worrying unnecessarily. Learn to live in the present.
Now all we have is, so do the best you can of the time.
“It never pays to provide for tomorrow. We do not know the difficulties before they come and if you do, no advice will help. Wisdom always comes too early or late ”. (Friedrich Rückert).

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 11 av 18

Write “To-Do Lists”. It is an incredibly effective way of getting things realized. It also strengthens the self-esteem to see that something really happens every time you can check off a completed item on the list.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 12 av 18

Learn to prioritize. In order to keep motivation alive, it’s important to disconnect things that are not relevant for the moment. Stop wasting valuable time on things that you cannot influence right now. Instead, concentrate your time and energy on dealing with everything that you can influence!

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 13 av 18

Realize that you always have your own choice, even when you do nothing at all – then you simply choose to let other people choose and decide for you. Take responsibility and make your own choices now.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 14 av 18

Challenge your attitudes and old prejudices about yourself. Get a realistic perspective on how difficult and difficult you have it. Are you alone in struggling with a particular problem? Probably not, so look around. Let yourself be influenced by other people. How did they do to overcome their problem?

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 15 av 18

Do you know why you feel unjustified? Scared, uncertain or listless?
We often do not have the ability to confront the emotions, but content ourselves with the fact that we cannot bear, can or dare to research what the feelings of uneasiness really are. Give yourself a chance to go deep. Find out why you feel like you are doing. Are your feelings unjustified?
Are there one or more concrete causes? Can you do something about them?

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 16 av 18

Do not isolate yourself. The loneliness is only useful to a certain limit, then it just becomes destructive. Find out the people you know have a positive impact on you. Surround yourself with those who give you energy, make you laugh and maybe inspire you to take new ones. Positive attitudes infect as easily as negative, so choose the right environment.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 17 av 18

Have you ever thought that it is not always what we do that makes us tired, but more often all that we do not do. Therefore, learn to complete things that you once started. Staying halfway swallows lots of valuable energy and instantly lowers your mood.

18 tips on how to find your motivational desire, 18 av 18

The driving force behind our motivational desire is energy and energy we create by striving for or doing things that feel meaningful. Therefore, reevaluate your goals from time to time. Life is constantly changing and the goals of it. Make sure your goals are affordable and meaningful.