Tip 10 – Agree next steps. 

No matter how good your meeting went, and regardless of how impressive you were, if there are no agreed next steps, there is no sale. As discussed earlier, the next steps can be any number of things dependent upon the stage at which you currently are in the overall process. However, agreeing these is in the interest of you as a salesperson, and prospects who invariably do not want to waste their time on meetings that do not go anywhere. 

It should be noted that this does not mean, “Close… close… close…!” The next action needs to be based upon clearly defined outcomes and objectives to progress to the next stage. If all the other steps above are followed, this will be no more than a straightforward summary of the meeting, the objectives of the prospect (as understood by you) and your proposed solution and follow up. Be as specific as you can with timing of next actions. And if you agree a next step, make sure you keep to it! 

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