Our Service Standards

  1. We set a good example.

2. We raise the bar all the time because we are at the forefront of the accounting profession and the auditing profession.

3. Our clients are completely satisfied with what we do and how we do it.

4. We always maintain positive relationships.

5. We greet everyone with a name, eye contact and with a smile.

6. If we make a mistake, we apologize and do it again immediately.

7. We always show a positive “I can do it” attitude.

8. We focus on solutions to clients’ problems.

9.We are creative and innovative in our approach so we can help customers succeed.

10. We always act with integrity. WE respect others and are empowering and uplifting to others in conversations.

11. We always respond to all communications no later than the end of the same day they were received.

12. We are responsible for all questions and complaints we receive and ensure that they are answered within the same working day as we received them.

13. We always answer the phone within two rings and say with a smile, “Welcome to the Audit Consultants, this is [first name]”.

14. We are always representative and behave in an appropriate manner.

15. We always act in line with company values.