Stop Being Average And Get The Results You Want By Doing These 15 Hard Things. Part 8-15

8. Results Oriented Manage Their Inputs Like Their Lives Depend On It

The results oriented watch their senses, emotions and feelings and work to become masters of them. They know emotional intelligence is critical to achieving results.
They know every stimulus affects their energy and are aware of how their environment shapes them.
They own their frame to shape their environment and don’t let the environment shape their reality.
They’re present, and practice habits to uphold recurring levels of deep presence.
They sleep on time, wake up on time, and give themselves plenty of space to shape their day.

They most likely don’t watch any news, but even when they do, they observe it with a deep self-awareness that doesn’t have their identities touched.
They protect their attention and know the key to winning at anything is about removing distractions and filtering to keep the main thing, the main thing. They know the biggest threat to a goal being achieved is being steered off course to a shiny new object or project, when in fact, all it takes is doing the same thing every day and measuring the most important thing and you basically are guaranteed to succeed after a few years.

9. Results Oriented Prime Their Subconscious Minds To Visualize Their Results 

Results oriented know that their subconscious minds steer their conscious actions and work to relentlessly ensure they aren’t letting their limited belief systems or past conditioning hold them back.
The results oriented know how easy it is to sabotage one’s self. It’s the main cause of human strife, so they focus hard on this task.
Constantly checking their belief systems and catching themselves as they take action.

Like just today, as I put together a training video, I caught myself expecting a low level version video because it’s the first video I’m putting together. I was literally limiting my capacity for no reason. When even while I’ve never done a video before, it’s easy to learn video editing with all the tools out there and my first version can and should be world class.
Obviously I know there will be iteration and improvement, but this is a process that will happen either way.
However, there’s no reason that even on this first try I can’t expect to produce a best in class training video

10. Results Oriented Know That Self Improvement And Living Their Ideals Makes Life Worth Living 

I went to a casual Saturday coffee with a good friend who wanted to introduce me to another. We were talking about podcasts we like and the friend of my friend said “oh I don’t care for self improvement” in a way that implied they were evolved past it or even worse, to “cool” for it. I instantly knew this person needed it more than anyone and that they weren’t growth minded much less results oriented. I came to find out later they weren’t very “ambitous” (their words not mine) and weren’t “happy with their job”. Not surprised given they aren’t striving to be their best each day with higher levels of excellence whether it was at work or life.

This person also complained that there werne’t enough single men in NYC, a city with the most # of single men. Something that would come generally from someone with a victim mindset that lacks. Not surprised that person was also “single” even though they very much wanted not to be. Sad that they could instantly not be single if only they lived to uphold excellence for it’s own sake.
When you exist to be excellent, there’s nothing that doesn’t get done. Trying doesn’t even need to be tried. Things just happen.
The reason this is so is because when growth is your “why”, you’re naturally what get’s perceived to be “relentless” by regular folks. Even though for you it’s just a day of living, it’s a way of doing things that attracts exactly what you want.
Back to my friends friend: if they strived every day to be their best for it’s own sake,or became less “cool” and more of a self improvement “nert” (like me or you who reads these articles) they’d figure out how their perceiption and limiting belief systems are literally creating the conscious reality they don’t want.

11. Results Oriented Are Well Aware of Just How Much “Progress” And Evolution Has Happened In The Last 10 Years 

More in the last 10 than the last two hundred. We’re able to engineer a green rabbit and can go to sleep in a self driving car as it arrives at our destination 8 hours later when we wake up.
Relationships between couples being re-invented as it’s easier than ever before to not be lonely yet being enlightened enough to not feel loneliness in the first place recognizing it’s just a story we tell ourselves.
The results oriented stay at the cutting edge of their future, and know the future is always now

12. Results Oriented Aren’t Scared Of Death, They Embrace It For Progress and Liberation

The results oriented know death is coming and harness it’s inevitability to live in peace and happiness now.
This helps them value the results they want so they know how much effort a result is worth expending for.
This gives them perspective and allows for realistic goal settings and adequate fulfillment and valuation of those goals being achieved.
As a result, they know to be joyful every day because not being joyful is just a waste of time. Death is coming.

They know to pick a field they love and to try to become the best in that field because why not? Death is coming.
They know to enjoy and embrace each moment they can no matter what they’re doing and who they’re with. Because why not? Death is coming.
They know this and ask themselves the hard questions like “when I become 80, will I wish I did this?” Then the decision becomes easy.
Therefore, the results oriented maximize their potential in the process of their journey and are happy with who they are.

13. Results Oriented Know Where Happiness Comes From And Embrace Change, Much Less Resist It

The results oriented love when they feel afraid, because they listen and it’s a signal that they’re growing.

14. The Results Oriented Realize They Too Need To Be Futurists To Survive The Rate Of Innovation

The results oriented know that 1 billion of us will be deemed “useless” soon, and it doesn’t scare them because they aren’t scared of evolution. Therefore they know to look forward to where the world is going and not only stay abreast to the trends and technologies that are affecting our lives, but embrace them.
For example, it’s clear that college degrees are losing their value as the industrial age has become the internet age. Yet so many people still cling to degrees and “being picked” for a job when the reason anyone get’s picked for a job in the first place is because of skills, competence and market needs.

Understanding and applying that knowledge is very simple and some quick application will yield the experience that brings the confidence that can lead to mastery of a field. This makes the process of shipping off to a place with thousands of other 18 year olds for 4 years, to be given a piece of paper that says you’re competent in something with zero or maybe a little experience so you can read 8 books and write maybe 8 papers and some passing grades seem pretty ridiculous, no? To boot, you’re paying tens and hundreds of thousands and creating debt for yourself in the process.
Meanwhile, one of the many ways I learned from the ultimate teacher that matters (the market) is when I started writing.
I learned you need to write every day to become a master, not when the paper is due. I learned you need to read a lot every day, not when the test is coming up. A book a week, not a book every six months (a semester)

15. Results Oriented Know The Value Of Relationships 

They’re so focused on results, they’re shrewd with who they spend their time with. They know that work speaks for itself and will attract all the right people they need
They have faith that the right person will show up at the right time whenever they need it because their work will attract it.
They don’t put up with relationships that don’t empower them and know that connection and love can be had by anyone whether new or old, family or friend — so there’s no need to hang on to old relationships that have either fizzled out or are no longer productive with their current iteration.

This is not to say the results oriented “use people” — quite the contrary. The results oriented are so relentlessly focused on value they won’t even say hello to anyone without providing some kind of value to them. This builds up a lot of good will, effectiveness and trust.