Although you may not want to do this, it will make management much easier if you place some social distance between you and your employees. Although you can spend time together outside of work, avoid venting about the company and do not go overboard during happy hour. If you are going to be financially compensated […]

A famous quote by philosopher George Santayana states, “Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” History is filled with examples of spectacular business failures as well as amazingly successful business models. Discover what your heroes do well and learn about what went wrong for those who ended their careers early. […]

Showing your employees how to do something is more important than just telling them. If you want your staff to be punctual, then you must also be punctual or early. If you prioritize professionalism then dress for success and treat all contacts with courtesy. Your team wants someone to look up to and admire. Set […]

Even the most fair, modest and kindest leader has limitations. Therefore, on the path to becoming a better business leader, you must set boundaries and stick to them. Knowing what you are able to tolerate can save a lot of frustration at the end of the day. Maintaining those set boundaries helps to prevent future […]

Like in all aspects of life, communication is the key to success . When striving for becoming a better business leader, you must have excellent communication skills. The greatest leaders in history developed a reputation for being superb communicators because they knew their audience. In today’s business environment, there is little room for ambiguity as your […]

Being emotionally aware is often an overlooked yet critical skill toward becoming a better business leader. People always advise to keep emotions separate from business matters, yet business is about relationship development between people. Therefore, to maintain those relationships, you must be emotionally intelligent; which often means being sensitive to different backgrounds and points of […]

Another method of becoming a better business leader is through continuous self-improvement. The strongest leaders are often never content with themselves or their employees. Instead, they focus on continuous development and improvement for their company, employees, and themselves. Good leaders strive for new knowledge and have the ability to adopt and implement those ideas. They are […]

Having an open-door policy is excellent because it fosters conversation, honesty, and openness. One skill needed to become a better business leader is the ability to actively listen to the challenges faced by your employees. You then must work with them to correct the areas that are causing problems. However, you must also create boundaries […]

Uncover your blind spots. Leaders are often the last people to know what’s going on. Knowing that you have blind spots — and how to see past them — is an important step in uncovering employee disengagement.

12. Congratulate and don’t point the finger Avoid pointing the finger to a specific person when there are mistakes, on the contrary, try to emphasize good performance whenever it happens. Positive feedback is fundamental to keep motivation and strengthen leadership.

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