Audit - A review that creates business value

An independent audit gives you security and a greater understanding of your business. We offer you a modern and digitized audit that will help you make the right business decision.

Financial Audit

Audit in financial reporting

Sustainability Reporting

To contribute to a well functioning and sustainable business and society.

Other reviews

Audit in finansical reporting

Audit in the Future

Digital auditing in the future

Why Audit?

Auditing creates security and safety for all stakeholders and is of great importance internally in the companise and organizations that are audited. The audit also provides reability in financial reporting to shareholders, suppliers, creditors, authorities, citizens and customers.

An audit based on an understanding of your business and your risks

The basis for our audit is an understanding of the customer’s business, industry and the risks that are specific to the business. Anchors the audit plan with both management and the board to create a common understanding of what we do.
An audit is performed so that the auditor performs a number of audit procedures to be able to make a statement in an audit report. This summarizes the auditor’s review.

A modern and digitized audit

New technology and innovative tools in auditing are a prerequisite for making the right business decision.

By working digitally, mobile and flexibly, we develop new ways of working to increase the degree of automation, which gives us more time for dialogue with our customers.

Customers ’operations are becoming increasingly complex, with demand increasing for auditors’ opinions on various types of non-financial information. At the same time, new phenomena such as blockchain, AI and cryptocurrencies are emerging to deal with, in parallel with digitization and automation going at a furious pace. All this provides great opportunities for real-time reporting in a completely different way than today.

Analyzes and systems that provide better insights. Data analytics can not only replace manual audit efforts but also effectively cover entire populations of very large transaction volumes. Analyzes provide insights into underlying trends in large amounts of information and more concrete and value-creating reporting.

In the future, the role of auditor will become increasingly relevant as a position of trust in a constantly connected society. The emphasis will be on meeting new needs and, through automation, being able to deliver services to work more flexibly and independently of space.